Before and After Retouching Examples by My Sensual Gift™

Before and After Retouching Examples by My Sensual Gift™

Before and After Retouching Examples by My Sensual Gift™The images shown below will automatically change every 3 seconds. You"ll see the difference! The purpose of this page is to show you how images are transformed. We all have faults and flaws and many ladies want to keep holding off until they are "perfect" I"ve been married to Lucinda since 1983 and know that you girls will never achieve the "perfect" state in your mind. This retouching is included in all our packages, however major retouching such as breast reconstruction or major body sculpting will incur an extra charge because of the time it takes to change larger areas. We will let you know this in advance after we get an idea of what you want to accomplish with your images. If you have the time (and we recommend you do) sit with us as we retouch one of your images. That will reassure you as you will know how the retouching will be done (and how much is done) so that it is to your liking. So there"s really not a reason to put this off... You"ll look great!  Remember, if you are waiting for that "perfect" time... It probably will never come... so contact us today and have a great time!  Give us a call at 281-320-8644 for more information

  • hair-makeup-retouching
  • hair-makeup-retouching-before
  • hair-makeup-retouching-after

This illustrates the advantages of having professional hair and makeup for your photo shoot!

  • butt-body-sculpting
  • butt-body-sculpting-before
  • butt-body-sculpting-after

In general, our bodies never really look like we thing they should.  This is an example of how body sculpting is used to "tone" the body.

  • tummy tuck retouching
  • tummytuck01
  • tummytuck02

Many women come in with this or that scar... and the tummy tuck scar is seen fairly often.  As you can see, that's no problem at My Sensual Gift.

  • cancer partial breast removal retouching
  • cancerbreast01
  • cancerbreast02

Advanced retouching can fix a variety of problems.  This lady had a partial breast removal because of cancer.  We fixed her up with a photo she loved!

  • face retouching
  • face-retouching-before
  • face-retouching-after

Ladies come in often wanting to look like a "playmate".  Well, here's a before and after of a real playmate holding our chihuahua!  Lucky dog!

  • body sculpting retouching
  • body-sculpting-retouching-before
  • body-sculpting-retouching-after

Most of us will never be at that perfect body condition for nude photography.  Well, we do a little retouching and body sculpting to fix that!

  • hip leg cellulite fat retouching
  • 05-hip-leg-retouching-before
  • 05-hip-leg-retouching-after

Have cellulite and loose skin... that's not a problem for the retouchers at My Sensual Gift!

  • breast augmentation retouching
  • breasts01
  • breasts02

We see many ladies with breast augmentation.  Some jobs are better than others and we fix them all to give you the best in nude photography.

  • hip butt cellulite retouching
  • hip-butt01
  • hip-butt02

Another example of cellulite and loose skin.  Age works on all of us and we'll turn the clock back for you!

  • tattoo removal retouching
  • tattoo-removal-before
  • tattoo-removal-after

Many ladies love their tattoos and others would like to see them gone.  We can do that if you choose.  Some extensive tattoos may incur an addition fee... depending on their size and complexity.

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