Proofing for Sexy Photography | Non-printable Proof Images

The My Sensual Gift™ Customer's Non-Printable Low-Resolution PROOF Images

Non-Printable Proof Media

This is how your Non-Printable Proof image files will look and how the images inside will be watermarked and NON-Printable.

These files will contain the photos taken at the photo session. The images are for image selection ONLY and are not to be printed (they would make really bad prints) or used online for any reason. This media is provided for your convenience in selecting your images in your package. We also do this for safety as we don't use online proofing. Ever heard of banks or the military getting hacked? You get the idea.

Some will ask... So why can't I print photos from my proof images? Some other photographers do that...

We don't allow that for several reasons:

1: My family and I are not going to go broke because we gave away all of our work and efforts. Lucinda and I have been in business since 1984 and have seen photographers come and go because they had poor customer service and/or gave their work away. Our prices are very good, feel free to check with any other reputable photographers.

2. I want you to have the best possible product. That's the reason I don't allow prints made from the UNRETOUCHED images that show all the flaws we all have. We are in the business of delivering wonderful images you and I will be proud of.

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