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This is an example of our fine nude photography located less than a mile from Houston's northern city limit!

Nude Photograph | Houston | Surrounding AreasNude photography by My Sensual Gift is a fun and esteem building activity. Lucinda and I are a husband-and-wife team that have been doing nude photography since 1984. We are in Spring Texas, just north of the Houston city limits! So for people in Houston wanting nude photography it's not a long way to travel and it's definitely worth the trip. We can also travel to you if you choose.

Nude Photography NervousnessBefore doing nude photography, we generally like to start off with something that is less revealing. Maybe a sexy headshot or some very hot lingerie! This helps ladies get over the initial nervousness for this type of photography I, Nolan Conley, do the photography and my wife is right by me and she helps me keep the girls hair and outfits straight and does all the little things that helps our photo shoots to be a great success.

Nude Photography LightingThe ingredient in nude photography that is the most important is lighting! Lighting is photography! We have so many different choices that we can offer for nude photography that it's more than you can get done in one session. We have many ladies come back for a second photography session as they had so much fun! We are also fortunate as many of our nude photography clients recommend their friends and we love having them come over. It's even better when the lady who recommended the friend comes with her friend for the nude photography session if that works for her.

Nude Photography StudioWe have a nice large main studio with a white infinity wall and we also have an upper loft studio filled with antique furniture and accessories that make your shots great. In the main studio we can do back-lit shots, we can also do side lit shots and we have many soft lighting accessories. Dark themes, light themes... the possibilities are endless! We also have a theatrical spotlight that can really give you some one-of-a-kind images! Our home and studio is also located on two private wooded acres, so we can do outdoor nude photography is well! Please look at our video of our studio and location!

Nude Photography Loft StudioIn our upstairs loft studio, we have a lot of different types of antique furniture. We also have a heart-shaped daybed that we photographed Anna Nicole Smith on! We have a beautiful cherry dresser with a large mirror that you can lay on top of that really makes a cool picture. In addition to this, we have an executive desk where many ladies like to wear a nice white business shirt and a tie and heels with nothing else. Your loved one will never think of their office job the same after that! We even maintain year-round a Christmas tree for those ladies who want to do a nude shot perhaps with just a bow and a Santa hat as a gift for their loved one! That will definitely be the best Christmas present ever!

Nude Photography RetouchingA concern of many ladies doing nude photography is it they think their bodies will not be up to the project. You really should not worry about this at all! On our website we have a retouching page which shows all of the different flaws that many ladies have and how we take care of them. Let's face it with nude photography we all have flaws, but we don't have to have them in the pictures or albums!

Nude Photography PrivacyAnother concern is that images taken here may show up somewhere else. That will not happen as we have a very strict policy. Nothing taken here will be used anywhere by us for any reason unless we have written permission to use the image, and just having a sitting does not grant such permission! This policy is also stated on our website in our frequently asked questions.

Nolan & Lucinda ConleyAlso know that Lucinda and I have been very happily married since 1983! Where one of these crazy couples who actually like each other! We also love serving ladies especially with boudoir and nude photography.

Nude Photography Areas ServedSo please come and see us for your Houston area nude photography! We've served many clients locally and as far away as Washington DC, Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana and all over Texas. Please read our reviews on Google as well as the great reviews we have on our website. I think we have more five-star reviews in anyone in Texas on Google so read the reviews as they give you a great insight into how we operate! So give us a call today for your nude photography or your boudoir photography and you will be very happy that you did and bring a friend along if you like, they'll probably become our client is well!

Nude PhotographyThank you, Nolan and Lucinda Conley and call us at 281-320-8644 today for your nude photography!

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