Nude Photography | Creative Backlit Fabric Use

Nude Photography | Creative Backlit Fabric Use

Nude Photography | Creative Backlit Fabric Use

Nude Photography | Creative Backlit Fabric UseOkay for our post today we're going to discuss nude photography and the creative use of fabrics. More specifically we're going to discuss backlit fabrics! That really adds style to a nude photograph.

Nude Photography | Creative Backlit Fabric UseAs you can see in this photograph the model is somewhat backlit as well. Also she is holding a very nice fabric with sheeny quality and it is illuminated with a small blue light. The blue light comes from a studio strobe with a snoot with a blue gel. That really adds an extra bit of spice to the image! Also the model is lit with a semi-narrow light on her upper body. This gives her body wonderful definition and adds quite a bit of drama to the photograph. At My Sensual Gift, we work very hard on being creative! Creativity is the basis for great nude photography and fabrics are a wonderful way to add creativity to nude photography. This also works best with the darker background so the colors are more vibrant. In the fabric is mentioned before, has a very nice sheen on it making it look really nice for this nude photography study!

Nude Photography | Creative Backlit Fabric UseBacklighting is a beautiful way to outline the body. As you can see here the backlighting puts a nice rim light around her figure highlighting the edges of her body. It also adds a great amount of drama which really makes the photo exciting to look at!

Nude Photography | Creative Backlit Fabric UseThe fabric can really be any kind that you choose. I chose this luminescent blue fabric because it was just so elegant and it matched the look that I wanted to go for. The addition of the blue light behind the fabric really made the sheen of the material pop! Again please give us a call if you would like a shot like this. We at My Sensual Gift love to be creative with nudes!

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